The HomeschoolingIRL Podcast Hits 100 Episodes!

We would love for you to give us a Shout-Out!

We are getting ready to produce our 100th episode of the HomeschoolingIRL podcast and would love to include shout-outs from our favorite podcasters and the people who have helped us succeed.  If you are reading this page then you are ONE OF OUR FAVORITES! 
At the same time, you get to take part in some cross-promotion of your podcast on our show and tell our listeners a little about you.

Episode 100 is going LIVE on Monday April 25th, but of course we would love your submission at least 1 week in advance.

It's super simple. Here is what we need:


This is simple. Just say something like this: "This is (YOUR NAME) from the (YOUR PODCAST) podcast. I am stopping by to say (insert shout-out/congratulations here acknowledging 100 episodes). When you are done celebrating with Fletch and Kendra, come on by the (YOUR PODCAST) podcast where I discuss (DESCRIBE YOUR PODCAST)."

^^^Clearly this is just a suggestion. Feel free to tweak it so that you sound natural. It would be weird if I had a bunch of scripted responses that sound exactly alike. So, have fun shouting out and promoting yourself.^^^


I want to create a mash-up of the ending credits. So, this time I do need you to read the script: "This is (YOUR NAME from the YOUR PODCAST). You have been listening to The Homeschooling In Real Life podcast on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. Everything on this show was written and produced by Andy and Kendra Fletcher. You can find out more about this show at or by searching for them wherever you download your podcast.”


- You can set-up and use microphones, but we have found that using a smart phone can be easy and fast. (iPhones use Voice Memo and Android phones use Voice Recorder). These native apps create fantastic quality and let you record very easy.
-After recording, click the share button and mail it to our email address:


By recording and submitting your voice recording to HomeschoolingIRL you are agreeing to have your name and voice used on the podcast. The recordings may remain online and accessible indefinitely. We do not offer compensation for submissions to the podcast.