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  • Molly Brewer
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  • Amanda Stevens
  • Rachel Donnell

I've been around here for awhile. I love the free podcasts, and I want to support creative people. Show me how to become a Super Patron of HomeschoolingIRL!

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  • Ian Snyder
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  • Sandy Quinn
  • Jessie Peckens

I am new to HomeschoolingIRL, but I love what you guys are doing! Show me how to become a Patron

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  • Douglas Dahl
  • Alicia Jones
  • Laurie Sale
  • Chelsea Walz
  • Brittany Dickersen
  • Megan Hillegas

I love what you are doing here on the podcast, plus I want to try some Caroline's Coffee! Sign me up to become a GOLDEN PATRON of HomeschoolingIRL!

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Fletch and Kendra are the Bomb Dot Diggity Com. Thanks for the free podcasts! I'm all in! Send me the coffee and show me how to sign up for Team Fluff!