Technical Details

  • All of our interviews are pre-recorded and edited to make our guests sound great
  • Whenever possible our interviews are conducted online via Skype (we don't use the video and only record your voice - so it sounds like a telephone call). You can download Skype by following this link.
  • Our Skype ID is homeschoolingIRL
  • If possible, please wear headphones and use a microphone. It helps with the feedback on your end and we will get a cleaner sound for the podcast. Apple headphones work just fine! 
  • We plan for interviews to last approximately 30 minutes.
  • We try to record at a time that is mutually beneficial, but we love to record on Friday or Saturday mornings.

Interview Options

  • We would love to help you promote your site or business, and to that end, are happy to partner with you for a product giveaway or coupon codes and specials.
  • In case you or your organization would like to advertise with HomeschoolingIRL, please download our media package. We offer attractive cost effective advertising that extends beyond the life of our interview.
  • We do not offer financial compensation to our interview guests.


Interview Format

  • We are very relaxed and conversational. We LOVE to have FUN on our show.
  • Although we may have questions prepared, we like to follow the conversation naturally and see where it leads us.
  • Often the best interviews are the ones that sound as if we're sitting around the kitchen table together. 


Our Available Times