Win a Signed Copy of Jessica Thompson's Devotional: Exploring Grace Together

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We're loving this week's episode, Give Them Grace, and we're also loving Jessica's latest book, Exploring Grace Together.

In our homeschool that spans a wide range of ages, we've always had a group teaching time that pulls us all together for at least a time of prayer. I love asking each child what we can be praying for, and I love the insight into everyone's concerns. This month, we've been reading Exploring Grace Together with the 12, 10, and 7-year-olds. 

Straight out of the gate, the first reading was a short story of a little sister who felt as if she never does anything right. She has forgotten Romans 3:23 - "For all have sinned" . . .  Jessica does a beautiful job of reminding us that our only righteousness is Jesus, and that we are not any worse nor any better than the sinner next to us. In this case, it was the little girl's big sister who seemed to always get it right.

There's a little sister in our home who was feeling the same way, but I didn't know it until we read that story together. Her eyes glistened with tears and she confessed, "I feel like that all the time!" How very, very grateful I am that we had the opportunity to confess to her that we are not righteous, that although our maturity makes us wiser, it does not make us sinless.

She sighed a contented sigh. She left our school room a little lighter that day.

Want to win a copy for your family? Enter below and Jessica will send your family a signed copy of Exploring Grace Together. Giveaway ends on March 14th, midnight, EDT.