Why This Classical Homeschooler is Ditching Latin

Ahhhhh, Latin. The subject our parents studied pre-1960, but us? Not so much.

Like every good classical homeschooler who read The Well-Trained Mind (that's an affiliate link) the minute it hit the market, we too took up the Latin banner. I like languages and enjoy teaching them (passed AP Spanish then studied French, German, and Italian in college), but Latin was new and sounded so academic. 

We got the point of teaching it and decided it was worth our time. We were excited when Classical Academic Press came out with their Latin for Children series and we walked around singing "Come to my insula, come to my island" for days. 

Now it's 2014. We've been homeschooling for 17 years. We have 5 students (2 graduated) who've studied Latin using the Classical Academic Press materials, Henle Latin, and the Latin's Not So Tough series. A couple have told me how helpful it's been while now studying Spanish or French; others tell me they remember nothing from it. Awesome.

This year, I'm ditching Latin for my elementary students. Instead, we're going to study Spanish for Children. I'll admit there's some selfishness involved here: I love Spanish and want to refresh my vocabulary, and I'm kind of tired of Latin. The 8th grader will continue with Latin in her Classical Conversations class, the 10th grader will be studying her second year of Spanish, and the senior will continue his second year of ASL after having studied both Latin and Koine Greek. 

Despite the success we've had with Latin in our home, I'm walking away this year. Does that seem stupid? Maybe. But here's the thing: I'm ditching Latin because I can. You can, too. I'm ditching Latin because right now, Spanish seems to be the better option for us. Will my 5th and 2nd-graders be ruined because they do not know the Latin derivatives of English and the Romance languages? Nope. We'll probably return to it somewhere along the way.

My point? You have the freedom, too. What isn't working in your homeschool this year? How can you make a simple swap so that you enjoy what you're learning together?