What Working Out Less Taught Me About Homeschooling

   How My Kids See Me

How My Kids See Me

After a crazy-stressful couple of years, I've put on 20 pounds. I can blame my circumstances and my tendency to carb-load when I'm really feeling pushed (flour tortillas with melted butter, anyone?), but one of the things that really shot me in my own little feet was thinking I had to workout 5-6 days a week or it didn't count.

All or nothing.

This month, I picked up the weights again and got back to the lifting workouts I love. This month, I'm committing to 3 workouts per week. Period. I really fought with myself on this one, with the little angel on my right telling me I was a good girl for starting over and the little devil on the left scornfully snickering that I was already a failure.

I've done a whopping 7 workouts and do you know what I have already learned? Less is more. With a target of 3 workouts per week, I am hitting it every single time. No guilt because I only made it happen 4 days instead of 5, or 5 instead of 6. 

I'm not a full-time workout diva. It's not my job to be a hard body. It is my goal to drop the unhealthy extra pounds and my vanity likes smaller clothes and no back fat, but my job is wife, mom, educator, writer, and speaker. Think my 5-year-old cares if my arms are chiseled? Nope. 

So I was thinking about all of this and a great sweeping realization hit me like a snowball to the backside (as if I'd know what snow feels like): less can be more in homeschooling, too. There are 108 different options to add to our Christian Kids Explore Science and The Mystery of History, but if I open the book and we discover truths together by reading or watching a video or coloring the page I printed out, it is enough. Maybe better, because the driven-by-Pinterest homeschooling mom hiding in me is ugly with a capital U. 

But the homeschooling mom who loves my kids well because I'm not living in an unrealistic world of over-achieving wackadoodle craft-creating field-trip producing nuttiness is what my family will love most about homeschooling. Just ask my 20-year-old, who's already commented about the kinder, gentler mother his younger sibs get to experience. 

I did the week's first workout tonight. Tomorrow, I'll let my 5-year-old smash his little legs against my side as we read Treasure Island and build Legos. And it will be more than enough to satisfy the hungry hearts in my home.