What Can a Kid Do With Their Free Time?

Are you asked by your kids, "What can I do?" on a continuous loop? Our standard answer is, "Honey, it's not my job to entertain you, so you need to look around our great big house and find something to do."  Actually, Kendra just says, "I'm not your cruise director." They don't always like that response, but when we tell them that they could go memorize a poem, they seem to suddenly be able to come up with something to do on their own. Parents for the win.

Just to help our kids out, we printed and posted the following list. If you want a copy for yourself, feel free to download it below.

What Can I Do With My Free Time?

· Ask older siblings or grandparents if they have jobs you can do 

· Practice your instrument

· Practice your sport or dance

· Read

· Swim laps to improve strokes (breast, back, freestyle- 10 laps per stroke)

· Run 10 laps around the front circle, increasing to 20 by a certain date (you choose)

· Work on the keyboarding program 

· Write a letter on the following rotation-

  1. Grandparent

  2. Friend in a faraway place

  3. Aunts and Uncles

  4. Cousins

  5. Our president, congressmen, senators, governor

· Do a craft

· Do a puzzle

· Origami

· Carve wood

· Work on your nature notebook

· Organize a cupboard (ask Mom)

· Memorize Scripture

· Draw 

· Drawing class video

· Ballet class video

· Jump on the trampoline

· Ride bikes

· Skateboard

· Roller skate

· Sidewalk chalk

· Play a board game

· Research a subject you’ve wanted to learn more about and begin a notebook page on it