We Love Bill Peet Books!

 Mighty Joe loves Bill Peet   affiliate links below

Mighty Joe loves Bill Peet 
affiliate links below

Isn't it super great when you can pass something you loved as a kid along to your own kids once you're a parent?

I loved reading Bill Peet books when I was a little girl, so naturally when I started taking our oldest son to the library, I'd look for Bill Peet books to read to him. The library branch where we lived in San Francisco was an old, beautiful stone building with steps that curved around the front. I remember having to pick the entire stroller up with Hayden inside just to get up those steps. I'm sure there was a ramp somewhere, but I never found it. 

What we did find was a sweet children's area with the requisite carpeted crawling area and baskets brimming with board books. In that little corner on a foggy San Francisco morning, I would sit with Hayden on my lap and read.


Bill Peet topped the list, but not until Hayden was able to sit for a wordy, funny, poignant story, and Bill Peet wrote all of the above. He was also a Disney animator back in the early years, and his illustrations tell the story as well as his carefully chosen and oft-rhyming words. 

Our favorites? The Caboose Who Got Loose, The Ant and the Elephant, Chester the Worldly Pig, Big Bad Bruce, Huge Harold, and Merle the High Flying Squirrel