Tinker Crate Review: Why We Love These Kits (And No One Paid Us To Say So)

We've been promising a Tinker Crate review for some time now because this is a kit-based educational product that we are loving in our home, and no one from Tinker Crate even asked us to say so. We do have affiliate links in this post, though. That just means we earn a little kickback if you decide you want to try Tinker Crate, too. Thank you :)

Fletch has been doing the monthly engineering and science kits with Christian, who is nearly 8 years old. Here's what he has to say about Tinker Crate: 

1. Anticipation: They send a monthly alert email that the newest Tinker Crate is on the way which stirs up excitement in the heart of our son.

2. Presentation: Tinker Crate is clean: simple box with well-organized materials. Everything fits and nothing is missing. Everything is laser printed.



3. Efficiency: Tinker Crate saves the time and hassle of having to go out and buy everything. Instructions are clean and easy to follow. Videos online are even more helpful if you get stuck on a project.

4. Age appropriateness: Projects are challenging enough to be interesting but not so over Christian's head that he doesn't get it. An older kid could certainly do the whole kit entirely by themselves. 

   Creating Polymers

Creating Polymers

5. "Tinkerzine": In every delivery is a Tinkerzine, a short and snappy mini magazine which expounds upon the project and teaches more about the subject.

6. Spurs further learning: These projects whet the appetite to learn more about the subject.

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