The Secret to Having the Sex Talk With Your Kids

Want to know the secret to having the sex talk with your kids? Just have the conversation. 

I know that feels like a bait-and-switch, but there's no one out there who can do a better job than you because they're your kids. Yours. 

We're touching on the topic of talking to kids about sex again this week because we discovered an interesting phenomenon during our last episode about how to talk to kids about sex: while the vast majority of young adults we interviewed felt their parents had not done a good job talking to them about sex, the vast majority (well, actually, all) of the parents believed they had. Unquestioningly. 

It dawned on us at one point that perhaps sex is a lot like giving birth: you can take all the Lamaze classes you want, but until you are actually in labor, you have no idea what it's going to be like. Is it possible that perhaps, just perhaps, parents were talking about sex but their kids were tuning them out? That maybe because they weren't actually in labor, so to speak, they just heard some things but the stuff they ended up desperately needing to know later had been pushed to the back of their minds, or even ignored?

We're going to explore that avenue on this week's episode, We're Talking Sex . . . Again, but before we do, we're sticking to our original premise here: the secret to having the sex talk with your kids is to have the conversation. And then have it again. And then keep talking. Because there are thousands of voices all vying for your kids' attention on this topic, and the louder yours can be, the more likely they are to hear you.

Keep talking sex with your kids.