Should Christian Girls Have a "Plan B"?

  What if her Plan A is to ride horses with the President?

What if her Plan A is to ride horses with the President?

Kendra here. I'm writing from the perspective of a 43-year-old woman who was once a girl and is now raising three girls, and I have something to say on the subject.


I hate the idea of "Plan B". You know Plan B, don't you? Plan B is what Christian girls are told to have in case Plan A (marriage) somehow doesn't pan out. Or your husband dies. Or leaves you for another woman.

Plan B assumes that the best thing God can call a young woman to is marriage. Bar none. Where did we get such a notion? If you're feeling uncomfortable about now and just clicked open a Bible site in your browser so you can show me where in Scripture a girl's Plan A must always be marriage, then you have probably been conditioned by your church/pastor/Christian book reading/Christian school/culture to believe that above everything else, a Christian girl is to be married or she's living on Plan B. And everyone knows Plan B is lesser.

I don't believe the idea of Plan B is unique to the homeschooling community because I was not homeschooled and yet still grew up heavily influenced by Plan B thinking. I do believe that we Christians propagate the notion that marriage is the best thing a girl can aspire to.

I'm challenging that. I'm throwing down the gauntlet and making a stand for us all to rethink "Plan B". Want to get in on the discussion? Join Fletch and me for a lively Homeschooling IRL episode all about raising girls this Friday at 5 p.m. Pacific. Subscribe to listen any time you like right here.