Of Seizures and Septic Tank Back-Ups and Seriousness

We recently asked HIRLers (fans of HomeschoolingIRL) on Facebook what they'd most like to see us writing about and providing here on the website. One answer was "humor", and I immediately tagged Fletch to say, "You're up!" Fletch is the funny one. Me, not so much.

I'm a reflector. I reflect on stuff. 

Last week our 7-year-old had another febrile seizure, of which he has been prone all his little life. It had been over a year since he'd seized, so we really thought he'd grown out of them. The thing is, he had his first one just two days after we brought our daughter home from 3 weeks in the ICU after she went into septic shock from a ruptured appendix.

  Post-seizure resting

Post-seizure resting

Which was a year after I ran over our 5-year-old with our 12-passenger van. Which was 6 months after I found our 7-week-old in a coma. While we try to lighten the mood by glancing at each other, shaking our heads, and declaring, "It's always something", it's not really funny. It's serious.

Then Fletch's parents' septic tank backed up last week, too. They live across the driveway from us. That was serious. And gross.

This week's episode, Christ in the Chaos, is peppered with humorous moments, but the subject is serious. Our guest Kimm Crandall has weathered a lot, and her story's not so funny. But it is glorious.

God transforms us in the serious moments, doesn't He? He teaches us that in the midst of chaos and destruction and our sense of a loss of control, He is steady, ever-present, reliable, and kind. If life is always a humorous moment, a side-splitting laugh-fest, or as smooth as a summer lake, we tend not to see God in it all. 

On the other hand, it's humor that often helps us understand that God is there, despite our quirky and chaotic humanity. It's what makes us listen to a middle-aged homeschooling couple banter with one another and poke fun over a podcast and realize that we're not alone. We're crazy too, and that's okay. 

  Every little thing is gonna be alright. 

Every little thing is gonna be alright. 

We'll keep providing the humor (c'mon Fletch!) and the quiet reflections. We'll continue to draw out the real life - the junk that isn't pretty or that we tend to want to stuff under the couch cushions. When we examine every facet, even the unpolished, un-pretty circumstances, we tend to see God there. In our imperfections we meet Jesus, and that's what Homeschooling in Real Life is all about.