The Gift of a Journaling Bible: One Grandfather's Legacy of Love

Are you familiar with journaling Bibles? I began seeing them appear on Instagram and thought, "Wow! How lovely! I could never do that . . ."

Many of my artist friends are journaling and drawing as they read and study their Bibles, but I didn't begin to think about how a grandparent or parent could leave a legacy until recently when we were having lunch with friends. Their 12-year-old daughter had just been handed her own copy of the Bible, beautifully illustrated and annotated just for her by her grandfather.

First, he created a personalized list of verses he prays for her:

He wrote all about the hand of God and traced his own hand right on the page:

He illustrated stories and wrote out his prayers for his grandaughter in the margins:

He added personal touches, like an outline of his own foot!

It's a beautiful gift, isn't it? 

I'm past thinking I have to be an artist to leave a legacy of love in a journaling Bible. What matters most is a heart for the gospel and a desire to see it lived out in our children's and grandchildren's lives.

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