It Was Time to Focus on Learning One Thing This Year

We have a little problem with several of the younger children in our home: it seems that when you're the last of a big bunch of 8, you don't learn to work as hard as the rest of the crew. Why pick up the candy wrapper if someone older will come along and do it for you?

For us, this is the year of learning one thing. This is the year that a few little folks will learn to pick up after themselves, put things away where they belong, and take care of the things they've been given. At the cost of everything else that they need to learn - even academic subjects - this is what we're going to focus on.

Sometimes it feels like there are just so many things to tackle, doesn't it? From sloppy handwriting to harsh comebacks to dishonesty to messy bedrooms, there are days when I feel as if all I do is correct and redirect. I feel for these kids; it must be so monumentally defeating when you can't get anything right. I think that's why Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was written. 

So this year it's one thing. Just one. While we're reading a lot about loving our neighbor well, putting together motors and other science projects, drawing and studying Napolean, writing essays and reading lots of good books, what I will stop all the other action for every single time is the need to pick it up, put it away, and take care of it. Those are skills they'll need forever.

Is it time to scale back and pick one thing at your house?

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