I Love Homeschooling But I'll Tell You Its Flaws


Matthew Mason's life was spared, literally, on the steps of an abortion clinic. He was then raised by passionate parents who loved him deeply and homeschooled him successfully only to watch him walk out of his childhood home into a lifestyle that was against everything he'd been taught.

What do we love about this interview? Everything. You'll hear a young man talk about his rigid upbringing with grace and truth while showing a love for his birth mom that is unusually generous. You'll hear his pain, his respect for the couple who raised him, and his utter rejection of (almost) everything they raised him to be. 

It's thought-provoking. It's difficult. It's beautiful and tender and - dare I say it? - messy. 

Sneak preview of this Friday's upcoming episode, I Love Homeschooling But I'll Tell You Its Flaws: