How Do You Make Your Kids Study the Bible?

Hi Fletch and Kendra!

I love your show, and I'm not even a homeschooler yet. My son is 9 months old and I do plan to homeschool him in the future, but for now I am enjoying this season of preparing my heart and mind for the journey ahead. Your show is great for that, so thanks for all your hard work!

I wanted to share this question with you in hopes that you might address it in a podcast sometime. How do you go about teaching your children to love the Word and study it regularly? I see a lot of homeschool moms list "read your Bible" as a morning chore, some include it as a subject on their schedule just like math or spelling, some families do devotions together, and so on.

It seems like there is a tendency to treat Bible reading as something to be checked off of a to-do list, which is definitely something I want to avoid in my family!


I would rather nurture them toward a love of Jesus than simply expect an observable behavior like staring at a page in the Bible each morning. At the same time, though, they will never be able to grow in their faith if they are not reading the Word. How do I find a balance here? What does this look like in your family?

Thanks again for all work you do for the show! I am looking forward to the next podcast! :-)


Thanks for your question, Elise. We love it, and since you've listened to at least some of our HomeschoolingIRL podcasts, you probably know why. We're all just so good at shifting our hope to formulas and choices and checklists rather than back to our loving God. Even Bible reading can become a behavior we hope will save our kids, when we all know only Jesus' loving work on the cross can save any of us.

As with anything we choose for our families, we want to make straight sure that we're not relying on our methods to do the work that only the Holy Spirit can do. Will He use Scripture to solidify the faith of our kids if He so chooses? Well, of course. 

I could feel my kids nodding off and see their eyes glaze over as I read Scripture during our Circle Time each morning. That's not exactly what I was going for, so over the years we've done a lot of different things. What are we going for? Joy. Reminders of Whose we are and what He did for us. To get caught up in the love of God and the majesty of His name all over Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation.

I'll list some of the tools we've used to study the Bible with our kids here and you can pick and choose what you think will best fit your own family culture. 

Bible Reading

If you want to stay mainly in Scripture, how about choosing one book to go through a chapter per night? We studied Acts this way one year and everyone from the teenagers down to the preschooler really enjoyed it. Scripture memory could tie in nicely, too.

Each person illustrated the chapter as we read it.  The older ones wrote descriptions of their pictures, and then we all shared what we had gleaned from the chapter.  At the end of the study, we watched a fantastic film version of Acts that is purely Scripture and stars Dean Jones. {affiliate link} It was a hit here.

How about using a Bible reading plan like those recommended by Desiring God? Just open your Bibles to the day's reading and there you go.  Everyone can have a chance to read aloud if you divvy up the chapters, too. 

Or what about a local Bible study that includes a kids' program? We've done both Bible Study Fellowship and Community Bible Study over the years. Both have excellent children's studies that have the kids in the same place in Scripture the adults are studying.

Bible Memory

10 Verses Cards

Scripture Memory With the Little Ones


We've loved so many devotionals over the years, and we have a great list over on the Preschoolers and Peace site. Take a look and maybe you'll find just the right one for this year!

But there's no reason to use anything other than the Bible if you don't want to. Sitting your little guy next to you as you read your own Bible is simply showing him how much you love the Word. If we're finding joy there, it's highly likely our kids will catch that contagious delight!

Fletch and Kendra