From the Files: Homeschooling, Halloween, and Harry Potter

Today is Halloween. Did you know? (Kidding.)

It's also Reformation Day, the date that marks the historic event when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the All Saint's Church in Wittenberg, Germany in 1517. He and a great group of other protestors (Protestants) set off kind of a firestorm. Kind of.

Two distinctly different celebrations on October 31st, with Christians having to live in and amongst a culture that lauds the first and has pretty nearly no idea about the second. We've thrown quite a few really terrific Reformation Day parties on our property over the years and when a grocery clerk would ask our kids what they were doing for Halloween, our kids would launch into an excited explanation of our festivities, as kids are prone to do. The clerk would stare. And then go back to bagging our produce.

What is a Christian to do? We tackled the issues surrounding Halloween last year on the podcast, and we thought we'd let you know that there's a Halloween episode waiting for you today. Of course, if you play HomeschoolingIRL over your speakers as you hand out candy, that would just be the coolest thing since Batman.

Happy October 31st!

Fletch and Kendra

p.s. Our friend Mary Prather over at Homegrown Learners has some free Martin Luther resources and copywork just for you!