Five For Friday: When You Need to Be Reminded of the Gospel

From around the web, here are five resources that accompany our latest episode, Christ in the Chaos. We think you'll find each stop very encouraging this weekend:


[Gospel 1]: The Gospel is a Story - Paul Tripp

Where to begin? What do we mean when we say that we must always return to the simplicity of the gospel? Start here, with Paul Tripp's explanation of where we find our hope.

In Need of a Redeemer - Jim Applegate

And then go here. It's the beginning of a life-changing series out of Exodus, and it helped Fletch and Kendra exit their own self-relying works-based religiosity. Spoiler alert: Grace wins! 

Where Can I Find Joy? - Kimm Crandall

A beautiful and hopeful post by our guest on this last podcast, Kimm Crandall.

Ladder Christianity - Tullian Tchvidjian

"The strength of God alone can liberate us from the burden of needing to be strong."

Good Parenting - Jessica Thompson

We want so badly for our good parenting to be what makes our kids who they are. But the truth is, all we really can do is point our kids to the One who shapes their souls.