Five For Friday - On Saturday

It's Saturday. We know. We were just galavanting around San Francisco with our exchange student yesterday and didn't get our Five for Friday post to you this week. Forgive us?

Speaking of exchange students, you can hear why we are so passionate about hosting them on our Episode 8: Homeschooling With Exchange Students.

Our Five for Friday this week is a bit thematic, drawing from our most recent episode, Let's Talk Sex . . . Again:

4 Lies the Church Taught Me About Sex - by Lily Dunn
She grew up evangelical and she thinks the church could be doing a way better job talking about sex. Us, too.

How to Celebrate Sexual Freedom in Your Marriage - by Shannon Ethridge
"God wants you and your spouse to feel sexually free together, and to celebrate that freedom by enjoying great sex regularly. Here’s how you can do so . . . "

14 Things to Know Before You Cheat - by Rod Arters
The reality of adultery is never pretty and is always destructive. If you're tempted to cheat on your spouse, here are 14 things to consider before you run in that direction.

What is Sex? -
by Barrett Johnson
"A recent study showed that 88% of single adults in their 20's have had sex. When they looked at Christian single adults, that number dropped to 80%. Whoopie. I guess that for most of our kids, true love doesn't wait after all."

The Secret Women's Porn Problem -
by Trillia Newbell
We tend to think that men and porn go together but what about women? Do women - even women in the church - have a porn problem, too? Yes. Yes, they do.


What resonates most with you?