Five For Friday - NYC and Homeschooling in Small Spaces

From around the web, here are five articles and blog posts to accompany our latest episode, Homeschooling in New York City. We think you'll find them very encouraging this weekend!

Top Ten Sites in NYC - Heidi Ciravola
Heidi spent a packed weekend in the city with her daughter and these were their favorite places.

Life Learning at the New York Botanical Garden - Amy Landisman
"She was whining as we pulled into the parking lot. 'I don’t want to do something educational!' She didn’t believe me when I told her a trip to the New York Botanical Garden would be fun."

Here is New York - Heidi Ciravola
How famed author E.B. White saw the Big Apple.

Small Space Homeschooling Organization - Crystal Brothers
If you're trying to homeschool in a small space this year, Crystal has some great tips to keep you organized and sane.

Homeschooling in Tiny Spaces - Colleen Kessler
"When you move from 3000 square feet to 790 square feet, you really need to be creative." How Colleen's homeschooling family is living and thriving in a tiny house, and you can, too!

What resonates with you this week?

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