Five For Friday: Let's Make Homeschooling Fun!

Is that even possible? 

From around the web, here are five articles and blog posts to accompany our latest episode: How Do I Make Homeschooling Fun? we think you'll find encouraging this weekend:

10 Things I'd Change If I Could Have a Homeschool Do-Over - Kris Bales

Bet you can guess why we chose this post of Kris' to feature on this edition of 5 For Friday. Yep, fun. She wishes she'd incorporated more fun.


Make Math Fun - Marci Goodwin

Is teaching math your nemesis? Maybe it's time for some good mathematical fun!


10 Ways to Make Homeschooling Fun - Amber from Classic Housewife

Green eggs and ham? Yes, you can!


Winter Homeschool Fun - Amy Blevins

Maybe it's the weather that's bringing you down. If your kiddos are feeling claustrophobic and you're ready to chuck it all and drive to a snowless climate, take some cues from Amy and infuse some fun into your winter days.


Friday Fun School - Marcy Crabtree

Take a great idea from Marcy at Ben and Me and turn one day a week into hands-on adventure learning.