Five For Friday: Homeschoolers and College

From around the web, here are five articles and blog posts to accompany our latest episode, Can Homeschoolers Go to College?  We think you'll find them very encouraging this weekend!

There are some great tips here about not being the kind of parent who takes control for their college student, a philosophy we highly espouse. 

Worldview, worldview, worldview. 

Lee Binz lends her wisdom and expertise regarding preparing homeschooled high schoolers for college. If you need a good jumping-off point for planning high school, you can't do better than Lee's site. You'll have to sign up, but the info is totally worth it (and free).

More from Lee Binz, and echoing some of the thoughts of the Grand Canyon University and University of the Pacific admissions counselors we spoke with on last week's episode.

Lynn Schott has homeschooled and raised her kids, helping them to discover their passions and strengths. Her encouragement here is a solid reminder that our kids will each be called to something uniquely befitting of them! 

Bonus: Lynn also teaches wonderful classes at, a HomeschoolingIRL sponsor!

What resonates with you this week?