Five For Friday: Courtship and Dating

From around the web, here are five articles and blog posts to accompany our latest episode, Is Courtship Fundamentally Flawed?  We think you'll find them very encouraging this weekend!


Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed - Thomas Umstattd

We start with Thomas' blog post on what he's seen in the homeschool community-driven courtship movement and why he thinks we need to re-examine the whole thing.

Lori Borgman brings a little balance to the discussion, and hits on something we believe in deeply: get to know the young man or woman your child wants to date.

A Case For Dating - Michael Smalley, M.A.

Maybe it's time to analyze our assertions about dating, too. Should we really throw the baby out with the bathwater?

From our friend Barrett Johnson over at INFO For Families, good thoughts on what our kids can be looking for in a date and what they want to be as a spouse. 

Tired of this whole conversation? Weary of the "courtship only" and "dating only" arguments? Vicki Courtney encourages us to think through what's best for our own family, regardless of what our Christian neighbor might be doing with their kids. Warning: you might have to listen to the Holy Spirit . . . 

What resonates with you this week?