Five For Friday: All the Single Ladies

From around the web, here are five articles and blog posts to accompany our latest episode, All the Single Ladies. We think you'll find them very encouraging this weekend!

Single homeschooling mom Kim Sorgius is frequently asked how she's able to provide for her family and homeschool at the same time. We think you'll appreciate her grace-filled answer.

Aadel is a military wife and she knows separation - long spells of deployment when dad is unavailable. Maybe that's you, too? Take heart, join up with your sisters, and know you are not alone.

Like our episode guests, Penelope Trunk works from home as she educates her kids there, too. It's possible to do this thing, and she'll show you how.

When dad travels a lot for business, a homeschooling life can be interrupted on both ends - when he leaves and when he returns. Michele has found some great ways to make it all go as smoothly as possible.

What if your ex doesn't agree with your homeschooling? What if he doesn't agree with your faith?


What resonated with you this week?

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