Adventurous Mailbox Review - Give Your Kids a Cultural Adventure!

Oh! How happy kits and things that come in the mail make our children! When the opportunity to review The Adventurous Mailbox came up for us, I jumped at it because I knew this would be something our 11-year-old and 8-year-old would potentially love.

So yes, we were given a subscription to The Adventurous Mailbox for the purpose of reviewing it for you. We were compensated for our time, but we certainly have the freedom to let you know if we think something stinks. In this case, not at all!

An Educational Gift That Arrives in the Mail!

The day the box arrived, our two kiddos were beside themselves with excitement. It was hand-addressed to them, which nicely set the tone for what was in store.

It came from Taiwan (cool!) and was from someone named Crameye Junker - very intriguing. Both kids wanted to immediately set to work, which they did, and they soon found out that Crameye is the the narrator of the story and creator of the workbooks. 

So what's in the box? Eight beautifully illustrated books, each with an adventure through a different country: Finland, Taiwan, Brazil, Thailand, Greece, Tanzania, and Peru (there are two books that cover Peru.)

There are also personalized letters to each child you've signed up. This feature scored major cool points with our kids because - hello - a letter, for them, with a secret code that gets them started on their adventure around the world. What's the secret code for? The Adventurous Mailbox online hub! Several characters in the stories have a "blog".  There are also terrific educational resources to learn more about each culture, including how people live and work, what kinds of food they eat, what animals are present in those places, and more.  It's a safe site that we allowed them to explore once we saw how well it is built and monitored. 

   Annesley gets her letter

Annesley gets her letter

   Christian is into it immediately

Christian is into it immediately

A Cultural Education Right From Home

It's important to us to give our kids a view of the world that is not North-America-centric. We read about what's going on in the rest of the world and host exchange students and take or send our kids to faraway places when we can, but the reality is, we can't afford to do so as often as we'd like.

Short of hopping on an airplane, The Adventurous Mailbox is one of the most engaging approaches to studying world cultures and people that I've ever seen. The box that arrives, the letters addressed to the student, the quality books, and the online hub are all excellent components of a quality curriculum, and I'm just getting warmed up!

This is a screen shot of the area of the site that is just for members. There is so much humor, I actually laughed out loud when we watched an animated pig welcome us to the forums and say, "Please read the rules at the top of the forums before you get started. Don't question my authority just because I am a pig. I'll have you know that in some circles I am a rather important fellow. Plus, I am a talking pig and you have to admit that's kind of cool. So let's just save everyone some time and do what I say." Ha!

There's more: a teacher's lounge where you can find hundreds of lessons, from fill-in-the-blank vocabulary pages (with very funny sentences!) to writing sentences using target vocabulary to fun crossword puzzles. It's integrated and very well done. I've got a coupon code for you below that also gets you the teacher's lounge resources for free!

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Adventurer Package ($79 inclusive of shipping)

Teacher’s Lounge ($20) This is an upgrade chosen after the base package is chosen.  

In addition to the Adventurer Package, The Adventurous Mailbox will soon be rolling out E­book versions. Later in 2015, they will also have Series Two ready for purchase. Ultimately, The Adventurous Mailbox will have a total of five series (40 books), all with accompanying lessons. 

Recommended for ages 8-12.

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