Creating a Group Teaching Time That Will Rock Your Homeschool

On the last episode of the HomeschoolingIRL podcast we discussed 5 Ways to Rock Your Homeschool. We tackled 5 tools that have kept us sane while homeschooling all of these kids for all of these years:

1. Plan
2. Start when you want
3. Toss the junk
4. Have realistic expectations
5. Get help

However, we didn't discuss one of the very best tools we use in our home: a group teaching time, or what we've always called "Circle Time".

*cough*  Dorky name, I know. If I'd had any inkling that we'd love it so much and do it for so many years, I might have rethought the title. You can call it anything you like.

Here's your chance at something else that will rock your homeschool! A great group teaching time that will allow you to kill a few academic birds with one stone, get to subjects you otherwise never get around to, and enjoy your kids. Really!

I've written plenty about Circle Time on the Preschoolers and Peace blog, but just in case you're new to the concept, I'll give you a brief definition: Circle Time is our fabulous, all-ages-are-welcome, group teaching time that allows us to pray together, laugh together, and get to the subjects we often run out of time for.

Interested in this little bit of homeschool awesomeness?

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Go rock your homeschool!