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Gosh, we love the companies that are shouting out for HomeschoolingIRL!  We have the support of some very special people, and we happily get to share their coupon codes with you here. Good stuff!

We use and love a lot of things from Bright Ideas Press, including The Mystery of History, Christian Kids Explore Science, and A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers. If you want help organizing The Mystery of History, I've got a couple of posts and vlogs for you on the Preschoolers and Peace site. Why re-invent the wheel?

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In real life, we often feel as if we're on this homeschooling journey alone, and really, some of you are. Great conferences like Teach Them Diligently can be a big boost. I like the workshops and the keynotes and being able to talk to vendors about what they've got, but I think I like the connections with real homeschooling families even more. 

Fletch and I will be in Nashville and Dallas, and we'd love to see you there! The Early Bird tickets are gone, but you can get $8 off with code Save8Now