Make Holiday Food Prep Stress-Free


Make Holiday Food Prep Stress-Free

Some of us love to cook, but others of us feel the extra pressure that holiday entertaining and food seem to put on all the adults. Didn't Christmas seem much more fun when you were a kid and just showed up at the meal table?

Make it easy. If gourmet is your thing and it brings you joy, do that. If you need people to pitch in, call a potluck. If you need to order in, be free to do that, too! When the Mexican families in our area offer homemade tamales for sale around the holidays, I'm the first in line.

Get a leg up. It's not too late to assemble a couple of casseroles or slow cooker meals that can be popped into the oven when the day allows you absolutely no time to get a meal out there. I've got a freezer meal Pinterest board just for that.

Stock the pantry. I just knew that my teen and tween daughters would need to take food to some event this month, and the last minute scramble makes me sweat. This year I got smart (it's about time!) and bought the makings of a couple of easy treats that they can make a take: Rice Krispie Squares, Chocolate Raspberry Cake, Cheesy Dip and crackers. 

We're all wrapped up for this week's series on making Christmas memories stress-free, but we'll be back on Monday with our latest podcast: Episode 32: I Love Homeschooling But I'm Totally Disorganized. Sign up for our free newsletter below and you'll get the podcast delivered to your inbox!