Are You More Committed to Homeschooling or to Your Kids?

I was. We were. Homeschooling was the miracle cure, and our commitment ran deep. 

When our oldest son could have benefited from some of the strengths of a classroom setting, we held fast to homeschooling as the unwavering standard. When our second son told us he felt he should go to school, we dismissed him out of hand and told him it wasn't even a consideration. We even told them that if they didn't end up homeschooling their own kids, we would feel like failures.

Good grief. Do you see a major breech of identity here? We were communicating clearly that we believed homeschooling was the ultimate answer, and that our identity was wrapped up in our choice to do this thing and how they turned out as a result.

God has been gracious to rip that rug out from underneath us, and our oldest sons have been gracious to forgive our misplaced zeal. The oldest has thrived in the college classrooms he's been learning in and our second son tells us that the Classical Conversations classroom year he had was the best year of high school for him. He's off to nursing school in August, and we're looking forward to the good things those classrooms will encourage in him.

The point is, it can be terribly easy to let ourselves get so wrapped up in homeschooling that we miss the forest for the trees, and in this case, the forest is our kids. God has called them to something, and is it possible that His calling might include a direction you didn't anticipate?

It's a good idea to ask yourself every once in awhile, "Is my identity so wrapped up in the job I'm doing as I educate my kids at home that I couldn't quickly change paths if I knew it were the better option because my identity is in my methods and not in God?" Phewf. Take a breath. Step back. Look at those kids and keep your eyes on Jesus, then point them to Him, too. You know, it's possible to point them to Jesus, even if they're in a classroom.