A Biblical Curriculum We're Loving This Year - Apologia's Who is My Neighbor?

Before I tell you why we're loving Apologia's Who is My Neighbor (And Why Does He Need Me)?, I think it's important for you to know that this is NOT a sponsored post. We were not asked to review or write it. I have included affiliate links, though, because they do help us cover some site expenses. Thanks.

Last year at the Teach Them Diligently convention in Dallas, I took some time to browse the vendor hall, specifically looking for a study that I could do with my 10-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son. We were coming off of two solid years in Community Bible Study, where both of them had learned to study Scripture in an expository manner. I wanted something just as meaty, but choosing something that would fit the bill for their ages and me (I want to learn, too!) was a tall order.

I had seen Apologia's What We Believe Series before but I had never seen this particular volume. Given the fact that they are prime ages for copious sibling disagreements (read: they argue a lot), I picked it up and pretty quickly knew it could be a great fit for us.

While not a line-by-line study of Scripture, this worldview text teaches about Jesus' ministry, what we're called to do as believers, and how loving our neighbor plays out in the real world.

What I love:

  • Apologia isn't afraid to go deep with kids. The Biblical discussion is broad and well-rounded. Just when I'm thinking about something I'll add to what the author is teaching, it appears in the text. 
  • It's about as grab-and-go as you can get. You can take the time to see where the text is going, but you don't have to. You can literally grab the book and start.
  • It comes with level-appropriate workbooks that accompany the text. This is really big for me; I just don't have time to pull extras together. No need! The kids' books include crossword puzzles, copywork, lapbook-style mini books, Scripture memory, coloring pages, and more.
  • If you choose to follow the daily plan (a daily plan! Yay!), you'll get through the study in a school year. If you choose to skip portions, as I occasionally do, you haven't missed the major facets of what is being taught. In typical Apologia fashion, there's so much there that you can pick and choose. 
  • The fictional story that carries the whole text is beautifully written. Following a Chinese family immigrating to San Francisco, neighborly love and kindness are poignantly woven throughout, and my kids beg me to keep reading every single time. They are genuinely concerned for the fictional family!  
 Appropriate copywork for the 7-year-old 2nd Grader

Appropriate copywork for the 7-year-old 2nd Grader

 He loves it, too!

He loves it, too!