5 For Friday: Teaching a Subject You Don't Like

From around the web, here are five articles and blog posts to accompany our latest episode, I Love Homeschooling But I Hate Teaching Math. We think you'll find them very encouraging this weekend!


How to Handle Teaching What Your Don't Know - Heather Sanders

Maybe you actually love teaching math. Maybe it's literature or writing or science that has you baffled. Heather offers practical tips to get you thinking about how to handle a subject you don't know much about or love.

How Do You Teach Math Your Don't Know -Ashley MacQuarrie

So maybe math is your stumbling block. Ashley MacQuarrie writes about having a positive attitude and making math both real and fun. What a great pep talk!

Teaching Math: An Interview With Dr. Fred Worth - HSLDA's Homeschool Heartbeat

Listen to these short podcast episodes or read the transcript; either way, we think you'll gain a lot of help and encouragement from Dr. Fred Worth, a university math professor and veteran homeschool dad.

Living Math for Homeschool - iHomeschool Network Hangout

We're big fans of iHomeschool Network's Hangouts! In fact, we'll be over there next week discussing real life homeschooling (more on that later). In this Hangout, Cindy West brings real life math to your desktop and gives lots of practical ideas for tackling math in the homeschool.

Free Homeschool Math - Jamerrill Stewart

A Pinterest board chalk-full of free homeschool math goodies from our favorite frugal homeschooler, Jamerrill Stewart of FreeHomeschoolDeals.com.