Five For Friday: Let's Rock This Homeschool!


From around the web, here are five articles and blog posts to accompany our latest episode, 5 Ways to Rock Your Homeschool. We think you'll find them very encouraging this weekend!

Incredible Index for Boy Fun - Renee from Great Peace Academy
Have a bunch of boys in your homeschool? Renee compiles 100's of ideas to keep them on the move and creating great stuff, too. Printables, ideas, tips, and active fun.

One Humongous List of Online Education Games - Kathy Gossen
In the spirit of taking things off your plate and getting help, take a look at this fabulous list of online educational things your kids can do. Let them at it and call it school for the day!

Homeschool Mommy Wars - Heather Bowen
Let's stop the one-upping and cheer each other on, shall we? Live as loved. Knowing how secure we are in the love of Christ radically changes the way we treat others.

10 Ways You're Making Your Homeschool Day Harder Than It Needs to Be - Jamie Martin
"I regularly ask myself when working on a task: 'Is this something the kids could do?'" So much wisdom born out of experience here.

10 Reasons I'm Just Not Very Excited to Start School This Fall - Kendra Fletcher
Last year I was not excited to start school at all. Last year I had to be reminded of the gospel. This year, too.

What resonates with you?