5 Essential Ideas for Homeschool Organization

Is this the season to get organized? We're tackling homeschool organization on the newest podcast episode in the I Love Homeschooling But . . . series: I Love Homeschooling But I'm Totally Disorganized.

But what if you're starting from square one? What if you don't even know where to begin? I get this. Even though I consider myself sort of naturally organized, I'm very familiar with the feeling of being stymied. Of sitting in the middle of the laundry piles, the dishes, the school books, the toys, and wondering, where do I even start?

Start with 5 essential ideas, but not my ideas, yours. 

Figure out what your "Rock List" should be. Remember that old Sunday School illustration where you fill a jar with sand (all of the non-essential activities of life), then try to fit in the rocks (all of the essential activities)?  The rocks don't fit that way.  But if you reverse the order - rocks, then sand - everything fits just perfectly.

Sit down with pen and paper and write down the essential activities that have to be done daily.  I made a massive list of items that I had on my plate, big and small, and then began to put each item into the "Rock" column or the "Sand" column.  While this was a helpful exercise that saved my dwindling sanity, everything was about to come crashing down and demand redefinition . . .

I had a miscarriage. I was pregnant two months later.  I had a baby.  I was pregnant five months later.  I had that baby.  I was in the PICU with him seven weeks later.  And the Rock List suddenly became a burden.

That's when I trimmed the rock list down to just five: feed kids, run laundry, educate kids, love husband, nurture my spiritual life.

Did toilets have to be cleaned? Yep. But not every day, and that was certainly a job anyone over a certain age could learn to do so I could take it off my plate. Run errands? Yep. But again, not every day.

Can you define your top five non-negotiable activities? Your top five non-negotiables don't have to be anything like mine; they should be between you and the Lord. That's the beauty of living in the freedom of Jesus!