5 Days of Making Christmas Memories, Stress-Free! - Day 4

Stress-Free Christmas Gift Giving

To make the whole process of gift giving a little less stressful, you might need to look at gifts with a new eye.

One year I set up a card table in our bedroom and diligently set to work wrapping presents every night for four nights. At the end of that marathon, I calculated that I'd spent a total of 16 hours wrapping gifts for our 8 kids and assorted family members and friends. 16 HOURS! 

That was the year we ended the assortment of Christmas gifts for our kids. Instead, we now give them each an "experience" - tickets to a concert, a road trip, Disneyland passes, etc. I fill a stocking for each with items I've collected throughout the years and then they get an envelope with an announcement of their gift experience inside. And peace returned to my December evenings.

I'm getting a little smarter about gifts for our extended family and friends, too. If I'm knitting beanies for a couple of college guys, I'm knitting beanies for all the college guys. Last year my brother's family got San Francisco Giants hats I'd knit, and after another World Series season, you can bet those beanies were put to good use.


More Ideas For Stress-Free Gift Giving

  • Give the kids a group gift: a stack of board games, a Wii, a basketball hoop.
  • Eliminate the part of gift-giving that stresses you out: hire a kid to wrap, order online, have it shipped.
  • Let the kids draw names, especially if there are a lot of them or they are older. 

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