5 Days of Making Christmas Memories, Stress-Free! - Day 2

Christmas Books for Stress-Free Moments

What are the easiest, sweetest moments in our home? Any time I pull a book out and read aloud. It seems so simple, because it is. Never feel as if grabbing little ones, middle kids, and teens aside to read aloud is not exciting. Oh, the stories to be shared and the moments of laughter and emotion. Even our adult kids reminisce about the books we've read together.

Need some ideas for what to read this Christmas season? I've compiled a list of our favorites over the years and written several posts about Christmas reading:


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And do you know what else? You, too, can take a break from the stresses of the season and allow a story to change you. When was the last time you read the story of Christ's birth without assigning it to a church service or nativity play? Just enjoyed and savored each word and drawn deep breaths of the glory that is the birth of Christ? Pour that cup of coffee, curl up in a chair, and unravel the stress. That story is meant for you!


Coming up tomorrow: Christmas Movies for Stress-Free Family Nights

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