5 Days of Making Christmas Memories, Stress Free! - Day 1


Today kicks off our 5-day series on making this Christmas stress-free, so let's start with a few pointers. Stress-free Christmas? Yes, please!


Golden Rules of Making Stress-Free Christmas Memories

1. Don't make a commitment you can't keep. Advent readings that are one per day for 25 days straight sound lovely on November 30th but can feel like a loadstone on December 21st, especially if you've got a gaggle of little people (or a couple of teens with social lives).

2. Don't let a tradition rob you of your joy. If it's not working for everyone, ditch it. Traditions for the sake of tradition wrap us up in bondage. Seasons come and go and there's great freedom in being flexible so that we can serve and love others in a way that works better this year.

3. Remember that time spent together is the best memory of all. Over the next few days we'll be sharing some simple, stress-free ways to spend time with your kiddos this Christmas. They may not be Pinterest-worthy, but they will fill your kids' cups up high with relationship-building love and goodness.


Coming up tomorrow: Christmas Books for Stress-Free Moments



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