10 Pinterest Boards That Will Make You Want to Homeschool

Thinking about homeschooling? We did an episode on that!

And are you wondering where to start? Here are 10 Pinterest Boards That Will Make You Want to Homeschool!


Beth Gordon's Free Printables and Worksheets Board

Because if you knew how much amazing free stuff there is on the internet that will get your kids learning, you'd want to homeschool!


Steve Spangler Science

Because if you are a mom or dad who doesn't like science (like Kendra!), you'll love Steve Spangler. And then you'll want to homeschool!


Hodgepodge Mom's Board For the Younger Set

If you're starting out with little ones, start here. Hodgepodge is one of our favorite sites, and her Pinterest boards are a treasure trove, too. They might make you want to homeschool!


Jamie Worley's Homeschool: High School

Starting with a high schooler? Freaked out by homeschooling high school? Jamie's gathered some great pins just for you. Go homeschool that high schooler! It's fun. We promise. Mostly.


Hodgepodge Mom's You Can Be An Artist

You can. Really! We are using Hodgepodge's chalk pastel tutorials {affiliate link} right now in our Circle Time and we are turning into artists here. It just might make you want to homeschool!


Ticia's History

She's got some great pins, like historical movies for children, historical stamp units, and even a "how to get your kids to hate history" pin. You might like history and homeschooling!


Jen's Learning Room Inspiration

Do you have to have a really cool schoolroom in your house? Nope. But a few IKEA baskets might just make you start itching to homeschool.


Beth Gordon's Learning With Lego

C'mon! It's Legos! Who wouldn't want to learn something while playing with Legos? Homeschoolers love to teach using Legos, so take a look because this board just might make you want to homeschool.


CurrChoice Homeschool Lunch

No, really. There's a board dedicated to homeschool lunches. Why? Because most (all?) homeschooling parents moan and groan when it's time for lunch. There's no lunch lady magically appearing in the kitchen to bail the teacher out. Bummer. But if you can streamline life in the kitchen, you can homeschool!


Homeschooling In Real Life

Well, yes, this is our board, but we've got so much goodly good real-life homeschooling stuff on there, you'll want to homeschool!