Kendra, Host

Kendra is a popular conference speaker and writer. Her newest book is called Lost & Found: Losing Religion, Finding Grace, and is published by New Growth Press. As mom of the 8 Fletcher kids, she moonlights as a wrangler of the 4 who are still under 18 in their home. 



Fletch, Host

Fletch has been featured on The Homeschool Heartbeat broadcast and has won the coveted Best Homeschool Dad Blog award for theMangoTimes, but he moonlights as a dentist to pay the bills. He is an eternal optimist, who loves walking Betty the SurfDog, playing the drums, and drinking really good coffee. 

Do Fletch and Kendra speak? 

Yes. Kendra's speaking schedule can be found on her website, but we also tackle topics together with the same energy, humor, and real life transparency you hear on the podcast each week.

Do we speak only on homeschooling topics?

Not a chance. What we're most passionate about is the gospel and grace, so if you're interested in having us speak at your event, please inquire below.


Yes! I want Fletch and Kendra to speak at my event!

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